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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Success at last!

What a week it has been! A week of many FIRSTS!

As mentioned last week I had the car all this week at my disposal. Now you may think so what? Well, I am quite new to driving and have only been driving over the past 2 or 3 months and they have only been short little journeys. Well this week I could have gone to the moon and back! In reality though I drove to Scotney Castle which is owned by the National Trust in Sevenoaks and back (Including a stint on the dreaded M25) then the next day I went to Whitstable as it was such a gorgeous day plus I put petrol in the car for the first time! So no stopping me now! Only that come the weekend my husband will be having the car back so I'll be back on the buses but at least I can say I have made the most of the remaining days of summer. The motorways were not as daunting as I thought they might be although with a crying baby it can be a little fraught but thankfully she fell asleep for most of the journeys.
Scotney Castle was lovely and a great place for budding or professional photographers as there is a ruined castle sitting on a lake which provided some lovely reflections. Unfortunately I only have a simple digital camera so could not do the setting justice.

Lunch was a bit pricey but the staff were helpful as otherwise I would have had to juggle a tray of food and push the buggy to a table.
Whitstable was bustling and we enjoyed sitting on the pebbly beach for a while listening to the waves and then having lunch up on the hill above all the beach huts.

Gasping for a tea I went into the town but the shops and cafes were so small and quite busy that I did not feel I could take a buggy in there so I had to wait until I got home for that cuppa!

Had one Jamie at home party this week and a large telephone order out of the blue which made my day. Next week should prove fun as I am doing a Ladies and Little Miss Pamper Event in Bexley Village on the 24th so if you are in the area then be sure to visit us from 10.30am at Freemantle Hall and come and spoil yourself.

Tonight I have had success with feeding my daughter as it has been up and down with what she will eat. But we have discovered that she loves macaroni cheese. I put the much loved peas in to so that at least she had some vegetables today. She loved it and kept coming back for more. The blueberries on the other hand were not a success but hey ho tomorrow could prove different. Talking of berries I cannot believe I missed blackberry picking season! I will have to be quicker next year and go in August instead. So it will just have to be apple pie or crumble without the blackberries. Oh well, an opportunity to use my new pie funnels!

So this coming week I have Tuesday to myself, now will it be time spent at the allotment, doing the housework in preparation of my parents coming to stay, tidying the garden for the autumn/winter or......?!?!?!


Mum said...

Well done you!! Theres no stopping you now! Love all your photos and the links to other sites. Hope you have a good response to Jamie on Saturday, hopefully they are more into parties and have a bit more money to spend in Bexley!!
PS dont worry about the housework for your visitors, just enjoy yourself with Harriet.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on beating your motorway fears! Your blog gets better and better!

Lisa said...

congratulations on overcoming your motorway fears! Your blog gets better and better. :-D