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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Where's my week gone?

So Sunday already! Thankfully I had a couple of days off this past week with my husband "playing Dad" on Wednesday and my in-laws babysitting one afternoon so got a few essential things done but this week coming I am on my lonesome as hubby is off to Ireland for 2 days and my in-laws are on a cruise for 2 weeks! Alright for some! Talking of cruising though I would recommend it for ANY age group, not just for retired couples as is the misconceived idea. We did one a few years back and had a great time climbing up waterfalls in Jamaica and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands plus some kayaking too! Oh those were the days before being a Mum.... but wouldn't change it for the world. She has been such a little comedienne this week hopefully not a sign of trouble later on!
Had a successful Jamie at Home party on Friday night with lots of quizzes, raffles and giveaways. Another one on Tuesday so getting into the swing of it all now.

I saw an advert on the railings around Danson Park for Macmillan's World's Largest Coffee Morning at the bowls club so will maybe ask them if I can have a stall and give the profits to the charity. If not then if anyone knows of other venues in and around Bexley that are looking to add something a wee bit special to their event please let me know. For anyone interested, keep an eye out for events all over the UK on the 30th September or check out their website to organise your own. I hosted a coffee morning a few years back and raised a huge £200 which bought a tear to my eye. So hopefully I can contribute again especially as I know of so many people who have been affected by cancer of some sort.
I decided to venture up to London on Saturday to the Thames Festival to see what it was all about, and very glad I did too. We arrived at Waterloo and just took a slow stroll along the South Bank back towards London Bridge to see what we could see. There was a lot going on in terms of music, shopping, arts and crafts, eateries and so much more! Then there was a parade of boats along the river - everything from large barges to small sailboats. Some even had bands and orchestras on them performing. Nice to see the river being put to good use.

Living in Erith, I often take my baby daughter out
for a stroll to the pier just to get some fresh air and a change of scene from the house. It is lovely to go there and take advantage of what the town has to offer. The other part I enjoy is the Erith Riverside Gardens which are a delight as you can see in the picture but I believe that these are under threat from the council and developers - probably more flats and housing but don't get me started. For news and social commentary on Erith visit Hugh's fab blog to keep up to date on local news.

I have full use of the car this week so am on the search for places to take my daughter - in both rain and sun! Might take a meander to the Red House especially as I get free entry being a National Trust member. Will be sure to check the forecast though!

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Emailed a comment but sending another one. Great blog, great photos, thats not really Erith is it??
Well done