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Saturday, 18 February 2012

I Love Salvaging & Recycling

I try and recycle as much as possible as part of every day living - food waste, glass, plastic and paper etc are just the basics! But I am always keeping tiny bits of ribbon from packaging for using at a later date and reusing jam jars for yes you guessed it jam/chutney making! There are lots of crafters and artists out there who make a living from it and there are some great books too with wild and wacky ideas - like putting castor wheels on a suitcase and using it as a coffee table that has built in storage! Genius!

I am only just starting to explore the more creative side of this and I think you are only held back by your imagination. This week for example saw me blowing eggs at 5pm before making my daughter's tea so that I could paint them for Easter decorations later on. She was getting very frustrated sitting in her high chair wondering when tea was coming.

I have been back to John Lewis's salvage bin again this week and found some beautiful wine and cream coloured satin remnants so more flower corsages on the way. Following on from my creations last week I made another one - this time a simple brooch - with the turquoise blue material and decorated it with a vintage rhinestone brooch finding that was missing its clasp.  

This week I have changed tact and using some Cath Kidston oilcloth also found in above mentioned salvage bin I have made a lovely lined cosmetic/toiletry bag. My first real creation, apart from all my bunting that I have made, using a sewing machine and following instructions (courtesy of so I felt very proud of myself. Take a look below and let me know what creations you're most proud of.

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